Your Memorial Committee


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Committee Members (click to email):

Chief Dewey Woody                                       TN Fire Chiefs

Chief Bob Dudley                                            TN Fire Chiefs

Ashley McDonald                                            TN Firemans Assoc.

Chief Melvin Martin                                          TN Firemans Assoc.

Robert Law                                                      TN Fire & Life Safety Inspector Assoc.

Brian Nicholson                                               TN Fire & Life Safety Inspector Assoc.

Melvin Williams                                                TN Professional Firefighters Association

Brian Holb                                                        TN Professional Firefighters Association

Tina Baker                                                       TN Fire & Codes Academy

Paul Trumpore                                                 TN Federation of Fire Chaplains

Wade Waters                                                  TN Division of Forestry

Bobby Darnell                                                  TN Assoc. of Rescue Squads

Ben Atchley                                                     TN Chapter IAAI

James Daughetee                                            TN Fallen Firefighter Families Representative

Vacant                                                              TN Fallen Firefighter Families Representative

Vacant                                                              TN Fallen Firefigters Familes Representative

Karen Alexander                                              Honorary Member

Marty Bowers                                                   Honorary Member

Dale Maynard                                                  Honorary Member

Gary West                                                        Honorary Member

Assist. Chief Charles M. Vance                        Honorary Member

Kirk Young                                                        Honorary Member

Berenda Vance                                                 Treasurer